How is The Brahmatal Trek?

Brahmatal Lake – A Himalayas Trek

“Oh, yes let’s be adventurous…”

Brahmatal is a winter trek so it is considered as moderate trek, but for the nature lovers and adventure seekers, Brahmatal Winter Trek is one of the most enchanting trek.

The lake is hidden in Chamoli district in Uttarakhand at a height of 3657.5m. Although winter is not a popular season for trekking, the brahmatal trek is an exceptional winter trekking spot. Brahmatal is an unknown gem to adventure junkies.

According to Hindu mythology, the Brahmatal Lake was named after Lord Brahma- the creator, who used to meditate here.

Brahmatal trek

About the trek:

Region: Uttarakhand
Brahmatal Trek Difficulty/Grade:  Easy To Moderate
Max altitude: 12,100 ft.
Trekking Distance: 26 km
Railhead: Kathgodham is the nearest railway station.
Basecamp: Lohajung
Best time to visit: November to mid-March
Temperature: Day: 8°C to 15°C and Night: 0°C to 7°C

About the Destination:

Another jewel of the Himalayas which is a favourite among the trekkers around the world is the Brahmatal Trek. A blend of challenges and the picturesque beauty this trek is another of the most sought off treks in the world. Nestled amidst the Himalayas and covered with blankets of snow, the Brahmatal trek proves to be challenging for a few trekkers. Starting at Kathgodam, this trip will take you to some of the most amazing locations and visit famous tourist spots. 

Apart from the uneven terrain, the trek is filled with beautiful landscapes and sprawling forests and a mesmerizing view of the Himalayas. Reach 12,100 feet approximately covering around 22 KMs with this trek. Brahmatal is also famous as the winter trek taking you to the land of snow and the snow-covered mountains.  As you continue trekking you will come across the frozen lake of Brahmatal. 

The full grandeur of the trek hits you when you come across the snow-covered mountains of Garhwal region touching the sky. The frozen lake with the grand Himalayan peaks overlooking it creates a gripping ambience. Make way through some of the majestic beauty of the region as you continue your trek.  

Trek through the oaks and fir trees and then cross the steep paths. You also get glimpses of the Garhwal Mountains in the distance on a clear day. As you walk through the upper region of Lohajung and then through the forest trail with a few more houses. It is another of the most beautiful sight you will see during your Brahmatal trek. Spend some time exploring the beauty of the region while you head out for this trek

Brahmatal Trek

Trek Duration:  6 Days / 5 Nights

Destination Covered: Kathgodam – Lohajung – Bekaltal – Khabekhal (Brahmatal) – Daldum – Lohajung – Kathgodam

Brahmatal winter trek

Brahmatal Trek Itinerary 


Day 1: From Kathgodham to Lohajung (215 Km drive)

The exhilarating Brahmatal trek starts from the base camp at Lohajung. Lohajung is around 8-10 hours away from Kathgodam. Thus, in order to reach the proposed destination on time, reach Kathgodam as early as 7 am. Drive from Kathgodam to Lohajung is a beautiful one as many locations like Bhimtal, Almora, Baijnath and Kausani.

Day 2: From Lohajung to Bekaltal (Altitude: 2,320 m to 3,010 m, 6 Km walk)

The upper regions of Lohajung are dominated by forest surroundings that have few houses lined up in a row. First in the list of places that would be coming on your trek is Mandoli village. As you will pass it, climb higher and reach Kail valley. This beautiful valley is a result of the confluence of the Pindari and Kail rivers. Coming next is Budla, which have an alignment of rhododendron trees built all around the homes.

On climbing close to 2590 meters, a 10-meter bridge, known as Linkgaad would be coming your way. After that, you will reach Begum. It is highly advised you make a stoppage at Begum for some time. From here, you can enjoy the scenic beauty of Navali Bugyal.

The best part of the trekking will come while heading to Bekaltal. Trek route to Bekaltal is a beautiful one and takes close to 70 minutes to complete it. It is filled with thick oak forests and has a frozen lake that looks highly breathtaking. On reaching Beakaltal, you would be camping near Khopdaliya.

Day 3: Bekaltal to Khabelkal (3,010 m to 3,273 m, 2.5 km walk)

At such an altitude, snowfall is highly expected. If that happens, it will take around 3-4 hours to reach the Brahmatal. Feel free to continue your trekking or camp at Khabelkal. Over-night stay at camp.

Day 4: Khabelkal to Daldum via Brahmatal Peak (3,846 m, 5 km walk)

Day 4 will bring you back on the trek route to Brahmatal. After walking for an hour, the route will take you to Chota Jhandidar. Then comes the Bada Jhandidar. The route surpassing both of these destinations has breathtaking valleys on its sides. You will be pleased by the sight of the mighty Mt. Nandaghunti and Trishul on your route.

After walking for another few hours (2.5 to 3 hours), you will be at Brahmatal Lake. From the peak of Brahmatal, your campsite (Daldum) is around 3 hours away. The route to the campsite passes through forests.

Day 5:  From Daldum to Lohajung (3.7 Km walk)

After relaxing the whole night, leave the campsite for your return journey to Lohajung (3.7 Km, 2.5 hours away). As you will do with half an hour walking, you will reach Malling. There would be few houses on the slopes. Follow the stone trails and you will reach Lohajung.

Day 06: From Lohajung to Kathgodham

Post breakfast, guests would be driven to Kathgodam. From there, catch the next train for your onward journey back home.

Why Brahmatal Lake is must visit place in winter??

Brahmatal trek package

  1. Exceptional views and beautiful weather

Another reason to do this trek in March and April is the beautiful view from the mountain peak. However, in May and June, when trekking season is at its peak, the view is disrupted due to smoky mist over the mountaintop. But during the winter season, mountain sights are worth dying for!

  1. The enchanting forests

The Brahmatal Lake is surrounded by dense oak forests. And if you are in luck, you can even spot a rare Himalayan bird─Monal. Because this trek is mostly unexplored, there is nearly no crowd.

  1. Serene Lakes of Himalayas:

The Bekhal and the Bhramatal Lake are two well-known lakes of this trek while Khopdaliya and the Bigun lake are lesser known. You can witness the beauty of the Brahmatal Lake once you reach the uppermost point of the trek. The lake stays frozen during winters but the serenity of the place will leave you overwhelmed.

  1. Snow Camping:

Camping near the frozen Brahmatal lake can be a memorable experience. The trek offers a chance for you to camp in the middle of the snow-covered forest. Camping on a bed of snow can be an extraordinary experience.

Recently, the Brahmatal trek has started gaining popularity and has created a buzz among trekkers. The trek is already giving other treks a tough competition. Do you think this trek can be your winter wonderland?

Why Brahmatal Trek in January??

Yes, the trail does take you through dense Rhododendron forest, a stretch of alpine meadow and two lakes. Though, we think only the peak views from this trail is the very reason that you will not think twice to choose. If you don’t believe, here is the aerial satellite views of Brahma Tal region and the top referred as Khamila Top/Jatropani. In winter weather remains clearer and you get a good amount of snow on the trail to enjoy 

Also, it will be unjust to the Brahma Tal trek route if we don’t mention the mesmerising sunrise and sunset colours here. You will witness surely stunning dawn and dusk colour, from Lohajung as well as Brahma Tal camp.

Brahmatal Trek Package :

Duration offered: 6 to 10 days
Amount: around 9,500 -12,000 INR (Kathgodam to Kathgodam)