Best Time for Roopkund Trek

Location of Roopkund Trek

 Roopkund Lake is located in the Nanda Devi National Park in Himalayas in Uttarakhand. The approx. height of the lake is about 15500 feet and in case you’re going till Roopkund Trek, it is just expected that you even climb up to Junragali Ridge which is 750 feet above Roopkund for getting an astounding view of the Nanda Ghunti and the Trishul massif. The climb up to Junargali might be a bit tricky on the basis of the weather and the snow conditions.

Roopkund Trek

Difficulty of the Roopkund Trek

It is definitely not the trek if you are looking to try it for the first time and if you do not have any prior experience in Roopkund trekking. The Roopkund and Junragali trek is a considerably difficult trek and you need to be physically fit before embarking on the trek. Also, there’s an additional fear of the AMS. These 2 factors can make it quite difficult to trek sometimes. But, if you’ve been engaged in some kind of physical activity earlier, it would be easy for you. 

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Difficulty of the Roopkund Trek

How to reach Roopkund Trek and what’s the base camp?

This lake is easily accessible on foot and you need to trek for at least 3-6 days. You may begin the trek from either Lohajung/Loharjung or you may also start from the Wan Village in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. Both of them are very small villages which are nestled on slopes of the Himalayas and you would need just the basic ration for this trek. So you should come all prepared with your trek gear to base camp. Roopkund trek route from Delhi to Lohajung is showing in this image.You can start Roopkund Lake trek from Lohajung.

How to reach Roopkund Trek

Do you need a porter or a guide? If yes, then where you should hire them from!

Even though the trail is marked clearly, on summit day, you might need the assistance of a porter or a guide for reaching the Roopkund like if there is snow over the trail. In case you have experience of roopkund trekking on the Himalayas previously, you might be able to do it without the help of a guide. The air often tends to become thin as you would go up and you might feel your backpacks to be heavy and pulling you.

So it would be better to employ porters or mules for carrying your stuff. The porters and guides may be found in the base camps for the roopkund trek.

What would be the Best Time for Roopkund Trek?

This trek may be done in 2 windows- in May-June, that’s right before the monsoon or Aug-Sept that is after the monsoon. In case you go for the May-June window, then the bugyals would be greener and the Roopkund Lake would also be thawed. Thus, you would be able to see skeletons.

Best Time for Roopkund trekking

In case you choose the September season, then the dayara bugyals would be a bit browner but still quite beautiful. Towards the end of September, you will find a lot of snow on the trek. It is also possible that the lake might be completely frozen this time.

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