Best time to visit Kuari pass

Kuari Pass is located at Garhwal Himalayan range. Initially, by the researcher, it is found by Lord Curzon in 1905 and thus it is often called as “Lord Curzon Trail”. Kuari Pass trek is directed from Haridwar to Haridwar by Aahvan Adventures. It is a center of attraction for many explorers worldwide mostly in the month between April- December.

Optimal timing for trekking enthusiasts to Kuari Pass is:


This includes both Summer and the Winter.

Summer Lovers:

Somebody who loves Summer season and bored of living sweaty sunny days can raise their hand for trekking in the month of April. The temperature remains 19C to 29C.

What do you attract during these?

The Garhwal Region means a region in the edge of the Himachal Pradesh as the windiest and snowy region. You can even enjoy the snow in the season of summer. The journey is passed out in the green meadows. Little things clean up your retina with its yellowish and greenish fields. There are many wild lives attract you on your way. Yellow and green fleshed forests make a way for trekking during daytime and cooling night time. this trekking lasts for a long daybreak.

As the nights come close to shorten, let’s discuss the Winter season.

Winter Lovers:

The wildest cooling minty days put an impression as an adventurist for a lifetime by many. There are abundant people who opt for taking the right trekking time in the snowy region in winter. The temperature drops down to -8C and goes up to maximum up to 12C. That’s it. Isn’t it exciting? Yes, it is!

Kuari Pass Trek Packages

This trek becomes moderate for newcomers and easy by trekkers. The Kuari Pass is located at the vicinity of Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve. Snow and Snow everywhere. Trekkers taking rest with the snow around with the high altitude winds buzzing their ears asking for more adventure just like the name AAhvan Adventures. It is recommended to take heavy woolen clothes and shoes for trekking during winter.

This is considered to be the best time for the Kuari Pass trek. Also, it is very much available for the beginners. This is considered to be the best time for a new trip in the easy and moderate rate of beginners. It makes you reach the height of 12,200 feet but it is replicated with the everlasting and unprecedented views. The campaign grounds near the Chandrashila trek are a major attraction for the trek.

It is passed by various Rhododendron trees. The panoramic view is captured of Nanda Ghunti and Chukhamba. In addition to that, you will take an enchanting trip to watch floras and faunas with the sheep yard walking with you and giving you meaningful trekking experience in the footprints set by the snow. People ask for wildlife and you are here to play in the snow watching live running before your eyes. The dark whispers in your ear of thrilled coolness throughout with the restless trek of the day. Accordingly, winter trek for Kuari Pass is the best time to trek forever.

The basic note to it is why Monsoon and spring are not preferred the most for the trek is that the route for the trek becomes muddy and greenery is being washed out with the slippery way. You find no snow to play with. You can peacefully enjoy the trek at the start of December and or November. These are the most feasible time duration where one can attract both snow and green lavish forests around you and can get a feeling of walking in the heaven.


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