Best ways to plan for chadar trek!

The trek on Frozen River- Chadar Trek!!


This trek is considered to be the most difficult trek around the country. Thus, take this trek from moderate to the difficult one. You can plan it nicely in call out for an organized chaos for this trek. It entices the backpackers and the travelers from everywhere around the world.


This can be a 9 days long journey taking you between the snow and steep ways and routes that make you tired. A fit person can do this trek easily without worrying about their tiredness. According to many researchers, this is calculated as 105 Km long. It seems that people have to alk for at least 5-6 hours a day.

Start you plannings:

One needs to continue with the expedition after they take the flight from Delhi to Leh and has to stay for a minimal time in low oxygen area. One can enrich their own books of the pictures with photographs of the delightful rich culture of the city. Here, you are briefly explained about the toughest trekking site around. It is the amalgamation of outstanding memories at once. The temperature drops down to the -30 degrees sometimes.

Pre-planning are:

Areas covered for this trek are Leh to Tilad, Tilad to Gyalpo, Gyalpo to Naerak, Naerak to Tibb and lastly Tibb to Leh.

One has to get ready for taking on breathing exercises. It is a salient factor for higher altitude trek. To keep a hand on ready with the breathing exercise is the swimming exercise. One should know swimming as this trek is on the frozen river.

Physical fitness is a must to survive without eating and resting and trekking on these glaciers. It feels like a snowy heaven has fallen apart. If you are fit and your blood pressure is with the same pace than you see magnificent views aside.

Self-motivation is another thing with the self-explanatory trek of chadar. It requires total conscious mind and healthy brain to start a new experience in life. You meet terrain as icy, rocky and steep with snow. It is planned as the LEH TO LEH trek.

Best time to Visit is in the mid of January to February. WHY? Because during this time the river freezes and one can opt for the snow skating there! Yes, it’s definitely exciting. It is really important to feel the Chadar trek info in mind before planning for it.


What do you attract after planning this biggest dangerous trek?

The beautiful mornings blushing from behind the mountains. Snow-clad mountains raising you like a mother. It feels like you are asked a favor to walk from them and enhance the beauty of it. It already tests your physical stamina. Natural wind makes you nostalgic about your initial stage of trekking. Wildlife you can see to plan is a snow leopard, ibex, and a blue sheep. It recalls the blending of showing two cultures at a time: the Tibetian and the Indian.

Important Campsites:

During the Chadar trek, there are important campsites you need to know before riding for it to make your plan successful.

There you see TitalSumdo, ShinraKomu, Tibb, Naerak, Gyalpo, Dibyokma, Lingshed. The difficulty level starts during the month of Winter. Zanskarriver is covered with the sheets of snow and you admire heavy snowfall in addition to that during the passageway. Hence, rivers are frozen in the mid months of January and February so one can easily walk on that and complete the trek.

Challenges that come on the way are:

One has to sleep in caves during drop off of the winter and temperature. It ensures the stamina level almost to the dead. Every challenge you pass by will encourage you for lifetime reward as a harsh trekker in the Himalayan range. The glaciers are melting rapidly and the temperature is raised year by year due to global warming. In a meanwhile, you as a harsh trekker may dodge ice slices and can also climb icy boulders. Trek during the whole day and reight makes you protected from heavy snowfall and winter in the cave.

After a trekking of continuous 5-6 hours in a day, the night falls out too – 5-degree Celsius to – 25-degree Celsius. It becomes very tuff for beginners to survive.

Before planning this trek heavy footwear, physical fitness, blood pressure everything is taken care of.

Plan it, Go for it!

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Chadar Trek
Chadar Trek


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