Which is a Better Trek – Chandrashila Trek or Kuari Pass Trek?



Kauri Pass – Himalayan Trek Begins!

This is for a person who is fond of trekking, hold on, if you want to step into the Himalayas, Kauri Pass trek is the best for the beginners. Starting with its description, Kauri Pass trekking is a ratio from easy to moderate trekking point for any of the enthusiastic person. Some of the basic views near Kauri Pass are as follows:

Are you a nature lover? Starting with that, there are many ancient forests located at the initial site and they are beautiful. They are still laid out perfectly with its every curve to exclaim the viewer. The real spectacularity lies in watching them from the never-ending distances, which gives the ultimate view of the forest. This makes us the game player to distinguish between the landscape and the snow.

Furthermore, staying out from the camp and stargazing at night, this view gives a perfect match to set a camp. Trek does not mean to be migrating from one place to another every time. Taking a halt near any mountain like Mt Dronagiri that settling beside you gives the satisfaction of trekking. From here the show begins! Watching mountain peak encourages far more to see them in revealing their true self. Trekking makes it possible for a further case.

How does the trek begin? Kauri Pass Trek begins at LATA. One has to reach to Kauri Pass while watching the great mountains hugging forest and valleys nearby. One can feel the voice of the Ganga flowing from the mountains.

Kuari Pass Trek

An analysis was done through rough Calculation: 7,601 feet and time approximation are 13-14 hours.

There are many ways to reach Kauri Pass: Some of my research says that:

  1. Lata to Guling via Dhak: Here traveller experiences steep way with a moderate atmosphere suitable to a human body and it hardly takes 2 hours to reach the destination. After reaching it again nature surprises us with the new adventure to capture it in our memory.
  2. Another way to Khullara: Water resources are available and traveller experience with the moderate ever-changing atmosphere. It takes around about 3-4 hours. You see mountains which were left back beneath you. Mountains and the trek do not fall steeply just like it was during the beginning of the adventure.
  3. From Khullara to Tali to Kauri Pass: At an initial stage, a traveller is astonished watching Neelkanth, Dronagiri, Nilgiri and Hathi Ghoda peaks and then a little high to Kauri Pass. Suggestion admires to take a sleepy way than previous way. That is, the Moderate atmosphere is still carried with the camp settings. First sunlight to kauri Pass enlightens for the never-ending journey for Himalayan trek beginners.


Trek to the highest Shiva Temple In the World! Chandrashila Trek…

The journey of trek starts from Deorital, which lies in Garwhal region, this land, is honoured as the Land Of Forts. Chopta is the middle way site where camp settings reside. This is what I am talking about is the Deoria Tal as it is a lake and the main scenario to note it down is the magical reflection you see of Himalayas in this lake. Starting of the journey starts with the Haridwar and according to the research, any of the four-wheeler or two-wheeler takes it to the destination passing by Chopta. Many of them can visit pilgrimage places coming by near Tunganath, “Panch Kedar Temples” which is probably called highest them all. To reach Chandrashila, it is at a high peak and high altitude. It is a moderate-advanced level of trekking. The trek starts from Sari reaching Deoria Tal – Khir-Dhar, Rohini Bugyal, Bhrujgali – Tunganath and than Chandrashila.Chopta Tungnath TrekPlaces that explain real adventure: One of them is Chopta. Though it has so much of cold during the winter season, researcher proves it to be a deserted town. There is no living found for the trek help. Thus, the necessary things to see in Chopta were admired to be the nature and curiosity to reach the snow. Chandrashila peak is situated at very high altitude. This itself suggests walking along the trek unless the right place is not found for the campsites. This takes sleepy and nearly steep mountains to pass on by. Researcher proved this trek as more struggling for a person who has no habit of walking at all. Atmosphere and altitude level varies with the places reached. At last, there is a site to Chandrashila where you reach and take a hold to see the world under your foot, lightening high with its strong blaze. Animals enchant you in a way like a deer, leopards and bear. This can be turned out to be risky sometimes.

Hence, as compared from Kauri Pass to Chandrashila, Somebody who has greater experiences in reaching the top through trek gets to Chandrashila with highly efficient energy and efforts. It adds to the pilgrimage places during its route. People may enchant to meet nature at both the places. For more scenery and finding adventure in a real sense, one should go for kauri pass.

Kauri Pass suits to be the one-time right trek to move on for adding in the list of a lifetime adventure.