What to Know Before You Go Bhrigu Lake?

Bhrigu Lake Trek Review


  • Introduction of Bhrigu Lake


Bhrigu Lake is named after the Rishi Bhrigu. It holds the historic tradition and value of following Bhrigu’s culture. The bhrigu lake trek is at very high altitude and hence fitness of the trekkers is to be taken care of. Around the peak, you see many mountain ranges covered with the snow. The sky is wondered around to make you see the celestial bodies. When the trek goes tougher, the snow shows up. This condition can possibly be seen near the lake in winter. Regardless of the winter, you find snow very often due to the Himalayan border.

  • Bhrigu Lake History


It is situated at the height of approx 4300 meters in the Kullu district, Himachal Pradesh in India. There are two ways to reach Bhrigu Lake where one can reach from the Vashistha temple and another is from the Manali. This popular lake is named after the Maharshi Bhrigu (a renowned saint).

Aahvan Adventures uses site of Manali where it is only an hour drive from Manali.

Bhrigu Lake Trek Review

  • Why Aahvan Adventures for Bhrigu Lake Trek?


Aahvan Adventures follow the 8-days itinerary starting from Ahmedabad to Ahmedabad. (Option for other departure cities also available)

Here, Manali is set as the base camp. Manali is such a beautiful place to be explored in the way of trekking in between. It is the popular hill station known for its scenic beauty and freshness of cold air. It is a tourist place so to reach any accommodation and restaurants can be just a cup of coffee. Another thing about Manali is that it is open in between the mountain ranges. The culture followed by people is out or very different from the one we follow. The food and the plantation of their vegetation are unique. As far as your tour, to meet nature is likely to meet your best health condition. The animals and Floras found during the base settlement or trekking and roaming are oak, alpine and wild mountain animals.

Bhrigu Lake Trek Guide

  • Duration of Trek 


Aahvan Adventure laid this trek for 8 days on the go. There is one leisure day counted for the heavy snowfall. There are some traits set on the snowy mountains where, if there is heavy snowfall, then one has to stop the trek and it is counted as the leisure day. Besides, there is no issue turning on the trek to Bhrigu Lake from Manali except winter.

Go Bhrigu Lake

  • Activities to be carried out


This lake trek consist certain kind of exciting activities during the trek to keep the body warm and trek constant. Now, setting Manali as the base camp, Aahvan Adventures provide rope course activities like, river crossing, Bamboo Bridge, Sloth walk, Burma Bridge etc. The lights of the nights are hats up with the campfire lights. Music and dancing are an add-on activity for celebrating the team spirit.

  • Bhrigu Lake Exploration


It is said to have a green lavish trek near Manali year around except for winters. Green meadows are the best of all. One can see the high altitude alpine, a thick forest to be trailed on. The oaks are the startling as you find many around. You can walk for a while on the grass with the bare feet to experience nature in the freeness and wild openings.

  • Ways to reach Bhrigu Lake


There are many ways to reach Bhrigu Lake but here, we approach the Manali as the base camp with the 4300 meters high Bhrigu Lake.

  • When can you do it? – Best time for Bhrigu Lake Trek


A trekker is a beginner and a snow lover; there are multiple possible ways to reach this destination for the expedition. Winter is the best time to carry on the trails to Bhrigu Lake. Summer is also the best month to see the greenery around.

  • Who can do this?


This is an easy-moderate trek where people of any age higher than 15 years can travel with us. The expedition is open to set the trail for solo as well as family or a group.

Indeed, Bhrigu Lake is a mixture of adventure as well as staring the views around.

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