Har ki Dun Trek Travel Guide

Har Ki Dun located at the base of the majestic peak of “Fateh Parvat”, it surmounts a height of 3556 meters in the Garhwal Himalayas. Har Ki Dun trek is often used to introduce beginners to trekking. Here is the detailed Har Ki Dun Trek Travel Guide for all trekkers to prepare for an amazing expedition.

Many people around the world come with the query of why to choose Har Ki Dun trek? The answer to this question is that it is often considered as the most admirable and old trek among all the Himalayan ranges trekking. It is a valley situated at the West of the Himalayas. It is forever delighting site for the trekkers in any season except monsoon. A yellow light dazzling on the cradle shape Har Ki Dun valley add to its ultimate view.

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Let us take the fantasy walk near the “valley of gods” with mesmerizing views of the river Thamsa and Jaundhar glacier. Experience the chirping of birds, animals like Himalayan black bears and wild boars also roar around. The way to the valley is steep and many mountain peaks can be seen which falls in line. This is an ancient valley inhabited by the villagers for almost 3,000 years. 

They strictly follow the Himalayan rituals and worship Duryodhan as the valley is believed to be the warrior’s home. Locals harvest rajma, potato and rice as their main crops and hand-weave the woolen jackets and clothes for their living. All these things add up to give an ultimate experience to the trekkers in Har Ki Dun valley.

There is a predefined itinerary organized by Aahvan Adventures. The trail in a group starts from Dehradun to Sankri.

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Dehradun records a large number of tourists every year due to its vastness in varied culture and beauty. Mussoorie is known as the queen of hills and then the base camp Sankri is the destination place to be dropped at. Mussoorie is another hill station popular among tourists which is en-route the journey.

It has got its own rich history, a rare spot for the British architecture across town. The snow clad mountains at the distance start showing their smiling faces as you cross the board “queen of the mountains”. The drive to Sankri takes you to the pretty villages of few houses. The view and the roads are shiny and steep.

A new phase of the trip starts from Sankri. To be honest, a far away from home will give you a nostalgic moment for a while. Pahari cottages are made out from the detailed wood, mud and stone. All these cottages do not get dissembled by the natural calamity like an earthquake. The village you see there is the Osla village; one has to cross the bridge which is alongside the river. 

Osla is situated at 8,000ft from the sea level. The trek is added upon the easy way to steep walk down the lane from Osla to the height. The meadows turned around catches your eye. As you walk upstream, the tougher the walk goes. There is wooden bridge to be crossed near the valley of Thamsa.

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Har Ki Dun valley is at the foothills of Swargarohini peak. Every traveler passes by, gets mesmerized by the scenic beauty of Juandhar glacier. The flower gardens in the opposite of the valley are very awesome. Trekkers climb the Kalkatti Dhar that takes you closer and closer to the clouds.

A combo of trekking in the glacier and green meadows will make you a fan of this place. The Juandhar glaciers are snow covered throughout the year. There is a legend that suggests that Pandavas went to Swarg by taking this route to Swargarohini. Savor an amazing dinner to treat your taste buds while descending to Har Ki Dun.

Trekking back to the village Osla from Har Ki Dun will be a scenic walk through the woods. The landscapes and the natural beauty enjoyed are the most noted way to bumble upon to plan another trek. While descending, it becomes more challenging as route get quite slippery during the later part of the day due to melting snow. The shine due to snow gives the sparkle to the peaks of the Himalayan mountain range.

This will be the journey to see the Seema village and traces of the historical events occurring every year.

Explore every site of the Har Ki Dun as mentioned here with Aahvan Adventure.

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