How difficult is the KEDARKANTHA trek for a first timer

Kedarkantha Trek is considered to be the most called out trendy trek in the Winter season and also caught to be the most difficult trek for beginners.

Winter season brings snow to the Kedarkantha trails. It is very easy to climb to Kedarkantha in summer but it is considered to be the moderate trek in winter. Especially, the trekkers in the summer season do not attend the snow landscapes more as it gets melt away quickly. But, it is heavy snow in the winter season during trekking. This snow covers the body of the mountain ranges and it also covers the body of the campsites. A new beginning to the Himalaya range starts with a new adventure. This is the considered to be the moderate trek for somebody who is new to the Himalayan range.

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Why so?

It covers the maximum height; the trails set are pretty steep and zig zag. Snowy way steals the land and covers the snow paddles so that newcomer gets slippery over it and get themselves stuck in a puddle of snow. This adds up to restlessness and trekkers are exhausted. This trek is said to be the modest and moderate trek.

This Kedarkantha treks difficulty starts around 6,000 ft and its rise above 12,500 ft. This means that a newcomer gains a height ofaround  6,400 ft over four days of trekking. If we think of taking out an average than we get 1,500 ft every day. It is not easy to visualize the exact gain of the trekking as you reach the peak and foggy area covers up before one’s eyes due to winter. The clearings can be seen when the sunlight falls on the peak and wishes “Happy Golden Day” to the mountains.


Snow-Snow everywhere. If one expects to trek in winter than with the luggage one has to rest for all the snow on the steep mountains. Micro-spikes and gaiters are the musts to carry through.

gains the altitude, one has to look after the ascending and the descending trails. There is an imbalance in the body due to cold and also an imbalance in the blood pressure. Emergency communication becomes a halt after Sankri and at great extent to the people who climb this altitude for the first time.

Kedarkantha Trek for Beginners
Kedarkantha Trek for Beginners


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