How is the Chadar Trek? Some Tips and Advice for it


Himalayan ranges provide with the mountains and valleys of adventure and scenery. The Chadar trek which is the midst of Ladakh region in the state of Jammu and Kashmir bestow with the both, an adrenaline rush of the trail and beautiful sightseeing. The Chadar trek is basically a frozen Zanskar river. There is a combat which goes on between the cold chilling waves of winter and the waters of the river. The battles are fought in the month of December where slowly the cold winter winds begin to freeze the water flow around the edges and steadily moves towards the centre. By the end of the month, there is a frozen ice trail which is strong and hard enough for people to walk on it and attract tourist from all over the world.

When a traveller or localities are walking on the Chadar trek they are actually walking on the 1000 years old history. During winter, Pensi La which connects the Zanskaris (local citizens) to the world is shut down due to snow. So localities use the Chadar trek and it is been used for centuries. Traditionally, it was just used to transport, trade and communicate with the outside world. Today, it is used by children to come back home from school in winter vacations and satisfying the need for adventure for thrill seekers.

Chadar Trek is at the altitude of 11,123 feet and length of around 105 kilometres (65 miles). The temperature is from 15 to 20 degrees in the day and in the night it drops like a hammer to -25 to -35 degrees. This trek allows an individual to experience the mesmeric beauty of snow clad mountains and have a look at the mysteries and unknown secrets which are hidden all over the Himalayan ranges. From mid-January till the end of February is the best time to trek on Chadar.

chadar trek

Chadar Trek – The Frozen River Trek is one of the wildest and challenging trek which is used for the hiking purpose along the domestic purposes. The trekking difficulty level is paramount as the trekkers are faced with atrocious temperature, unpredictable weather and long drawn walks but, there a slight relief that there are no big ascends and descends in the trail yet, walking on the ice is no piece of cake. Along with this extreme conditions, there are spectacular sceneries, caves, beautiful monasteries with elegant carvings, frozen waterfalls and the footprints of foxes, ibex and snow leopard which can be sighted. If an individual is lucky enough he/she can see the stunning snow leopard in real life.

With all the fame and glory received by the Chadar trek came the adversaries. Some of the experts are of the belief that due to warmer temperature and global warming, there might be a scenario where Chadar trek will cease to exist. Chadar trek has gained much popularity in the last few years and so it is experiencing more and more travellers ever year which leads to overuse and exploitation of natural resources. As there is an increase in the number of the tourist visiting the Chadar Trek, pollution has also elevated in the region. All these factors might lead to the vanishing of the Chadar trek in near future.


If you are planning a trek to chadar trek there are certain tips you should keep in mind due to the difficulty of the trek. The trek doesn’t start with you reaching the chadar trek but much before it, as you cannot just show at the Zanskar Gorge and start walking approximately 12 kilometres a day. Prior to the trip, the trekker must start practising and train for it for about a month where he/she can start with slow and short walks and later, have speedier and long walks. So the body is prepared for the rigorous and hardcore stretching of the bones.

The traveller should keep in mind to pack light but not so not lightly that there, not enough warm clothes. Thermals, fleece jacket, gloves, warmers, track pants and socks should also be packed along with few t-shirts and bottoms. Chadar Trek will consist of long walks so make sure to pick up comfortable shoes which are suitable in the extreme conditions of the trail. For facing the cold, clothes are not enough the person should be mentally prepared.

The trekker should carry food and clean drinking water as at that height either one of them are not easily available. The thermally insulated water bottle should be carried to keep water warm and food which has necessary nutrition should be packed along for the trek. One the most important thing to pack is the first-aid kit because along the way you might suffer from bruises and cuts. A medical kit should include painkiller tablets and spray, cold and cough medicine, band-aid, cold cream, Vaseline and any other medications which are required by an individual.

Always carry a garbage bag and don’t litter around the area as it is one of the fragile parts of the ecosystem facing threat. To complete Chadar trek is not easy, a person should be both mentally and physically prepared. So guys be ready to have days of your lives at CHADAR TREK as Winter is Coming.