Srinagar is the place where one has to spent the whole day for sightseeing. It is very beautiful place that comes to our way in the road trip. There you see various types of boat houses, vegetation applied there is a wealth in its own. The lake has the boating facilities for the trekkers and the travelers. The amazing thing that dwells in its richness is, just like we people go to school they uses the boats as a mode of transportation. It was analyzed previously and heard by locals that there was a great winter and children use to play on the frozen lake.

Places to see in the Srinagar is the Shankaracharya temple and the Mughal gardens. The culture and the clothing they offer is totally different and amazing.

Srinagar to Sonmarg:

The trek starts from here. These are the initial day where you won’t be trekking fast and rigidly. It will be smooth ride from Srinagar to Sonmarg. The location to Sonmarg from Srinagar is 80 Km that hardly takes 3 to 4 hours to travel. Sonmarg is bacically known as the “Meadow of Gold”. It is a hill station that comes on the way to Leh Ladakh bike trip.

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Sonmarg to Kargil:

The distance covered now from Sonmarg to Kargil is round about 3 hours. The view around the marg is astonishing and surprising on bike. The road trip starts from morning with the heavy breakfast. you get enchanted by snowy mountains, varied glaciers, varied grasslands and river named “Nallah Sindh”. There is crossing of Zoji La, the roads that are very descent and the road trip starts harder. From Zoji La, you attract fresh cold water stream which is the added beauty in itself.

When you reach Kargil, there is Kargil War Memorial or can call it as Dras War Memorial. Another place you can see is Pathar Saheb Gurudwara. It let you see supreme sacrifice in the war at Kargil.

Kargil to Leh:

Kargil to leh is the another half way road trip site. It is 4-5 hours of distance. The morning road trip starts with the moderate to tough level. The route is descent and little steep but mind soothing. It is opening in the wild to Leh Ladakh place.   

Srinagar Leh Manali Road Trip
Leh Ladakh Road Trip


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