Why Kedarkantha Trek is The Best Trek for First Time Trekking

You must have heard from a lot of your friends that they began their trekking experience with Kedarkantha Trek. There are a lot of trekking sites in the country but it is best to start with Kedarkantha. Now you will ask why it is so. Well there are a number of reasons for this but we have listed 5 reasons here. So have a look and decide for yourself if it is worth giving a try or not.

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Kedarkantha trek is best for begginers because it is an easy to moderate level trek. Which is situated in garhwal region in Uttarakhand. The height of the trek is 12500 ft which gives charming view from top. Kedarkantha trek gives you the view of snow covered paths, meadows, and startling landscapes with Lakes, and mountains. The peak is easily reachable in winters also, that’s why it is the best trek for beginners. Kedarkantha trek is one of the best Himalayan trek.

5 Reasons Why Kedarkantha is The Best Place to Start Trekking

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The Kedarkantha Trekking experience is just amazing especially from December to April. During this time the place experiences snowfall which is like a dream for most of us people.

  1. Snow till the month of April- Not many people are are of the fact that on the Kedarkantha Trek, snow begins by the mid of December and you would experience it till the 3rdweek of April. You would probably find snow as soon as you cross 10,000 feet mark, lying down on the forests floor amongst the pine trees. Once you reach the meadows, it’s likely to be the biggest blanket of snow around in every direction possible. This is the biggest reason why Kedarkantha Trekking is considered to be one of the best adventure trips in India.
  2. Prettiest campsites-The trek has the most serene campsites in Himalayas. Not all the treks boast of such beauty like this one. Every campsite is unique in it and is beautiful. The Juda Ka Talab campsite is set in a clear surrounding having pine trees all around, Hargaon campis another clearing of oaks and pines. It looks as if each of the campsites is competing against one another in a beautiful set up.
  3. Best drive in the Himalayas-While driving to Kedarkantha you would cross Mussoorie, Purola, Nowgaon, Naitwar and Mori. It’s a remote run and also one of the best drives in the Himalayan range. The trekkers need to watch out especially for the section post Purola till Sankri base camp. This is another reason why Kedarkantha Trek Packageis one of the best Trekking packages.
  4. The experience of walking on the carpet of leaves– Kedarkantha trek begins in a densely populated pine forest. You will find the trail always covered with a carpet of leaves. Walking on these leaves is an experience in itself.
  5. Snow peaks everywhere– The Kedarkantha trek base camp would impress you in the first instance itself. As soon as you would step into it you would be able to see the serene beauty of the trek. The 360 degrees view of the popular mountain peaks all around you is awes trucking. Once you would reach the Kedarkantha summit, you would feel as you’ve touched sky and you would also be able to see all the summits.

 Watch Kedarkantha Summir Winter Trek Video Here

So these are the major reasons why people consider the Kedarkantha trek to be the best. So in case you are planning to begin trekking, you should not miss this. 

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