5 Reasons Why Teenagers Love
Har ki Dun Trek

Uttarakhand is one of the best places for trekking in India. Apart from offering some of the stunning locations, this part of the country also has the best natural scenic beauty which you can imagine. The snow-clad high mountain ranges, calm flowing rivers, rich flora fauns, dense forests, deepest valleys, and walking on narrow paths between the valley and the mountain, gives the best experience to the tourists.

Har ki Dun is a wonderful trek that attracts a lot of trekkers from across the globe. Located at the FatehParvat base, Har ki Dun Trek is the most visited trek for experiencing the adventure of the mountains.

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In case you are finding it quite difficult to convince your teenage child to try trekking, then here are some of the important points which you can tell him or her about the trek. He would definitely be convinced after listening to these things.

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Here are the reasons

Sankri is the very 1st destination of the 7 days trek. Located at an altitude of 1960 mt, this trek embraces some of the most magnificent views of the Garhwal Mountains. These humongous mountain peaks which are covered with a lot of snow offer a glimpse of the exploration which has just started. From here, you would be walking on plains for the next 5 to 6 hours for reaching Taluka.

Har ki Dun Valley

This valley is also called the Valley-of-Gods and it is a U shaped beautiful valley of the Western Himalayas. It lies in the Middle of the Fateh Parbat. In case the school kids and teenagers are looking for an adventurous trip to Uttarakhand, then this trek is the best for them. It would introduce them to Himalaya and also satiate their curiosity for adventure.

Easy trek

There are a couple of steep climbs that would let you enjoy the trek along with the scenic beauty a little more. The trail of the trek is clear and very well defined. The extremely low altitude of the trek at 11667 feet is aided with wooden and cemented bridges at different spots that would make the teenagers walk easily


It is the safest option for teenage kids who like to camp outdoors as there’re various camping grounds on this route that would let them enjoy and relax.

Views of the taller peaks

The Trail also offers breath-taking views of the high mountain peaks which are located at an altitude of approximately 5000-6000 meters like Swaragrohini, FatehParvat, Bandarpoonch, and Kalanag ranges at low altitude.

Flora and fauna

Har ki Dun valley lies in between the Govind National Park that offers the trekkers beautiful and close views of the wildlife. A wide range of flora and fauna such as Musk Deer, Brown Bear, Snow Cock, Koklass Pheasant, Golden Eagle, Bearded Vultures, etc. can be found here.

The teenagers would definitely cherish their trekking experience at Har ki Dun and it would also help them in transforming their confidence.

Har Ki Dun Trek


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