Safety & Equipments Guidelines from Trekking Expert

Safety & Equipments Guidelines from Trekking Expert

You are Very Safe with Us

Aahvan Adventures – we meticulously tag along safety management procedures and guidelines. Our leaders are well trained at the Nehru Institute of Mountaineering school on safety management and first aid. We have a very well skilled team of Outdoors Instructors lead by mountaineer equivalence excellence and unvarying enhancement of skills and each guide is hand-picked for attitude & love for the mountains as much as for absolute trekking excellence. We do trekking in small groups (not more than 12), so can manage batter services along with a team of guides and porters with mule. The porters along with one guide travel in front of the pack to ensure that the trail is clear and to set up the camp site in advance.


We Use High Quality Equipments



We use quality Quechua Arpenaz XL3 tent. These tents are Water resistance, Waterproof and validated in the laboratory test mission. Area under roof breathable polyester double prevents water droplets resulting from condensation, which is deposited on the inner face of the double roof. The ventilation element in the spare one and two ventilation parts on both sides of the entry to limit condensation and air fresheners.



This sleeping bag is comfortable in temperature -5°C/Limit temperature 11°C  & Can be twinned to sleep 2 people. Link a right zip bag to a left zip bag. Inner fabric: 100% polyamide. Outer fabric: 100% polyester insert: 100% polyamide and wadding: 100% polyester. The minimum temperature at which a user feels comfortable overall – neither hot nor cold – while huddled up in the sleeping bag (as determined for an average male user under normal conditions of use).

Trekking Sleeping Bag


Hiking Foldable Chair

We use hiking foldable chair during treks, so that you can easily sit and enjoy your adventure trip with some leisure.

trekking chair


Hiking Pole

This is a very important thing to have a hiking pole during the trek. It gives support to Hiker all along the trek with comfort. This high-quality pole is made of durable lightweight aluminium – Poles extend from 25.5 to 53 inches (approximately). Poles contain anti-shock springs for more comfortable trekking. Durable tips for less forgiving surfaces, rubber foot for flat surfaces and optional snow disk for use on softer ground coverings.

Hiking Pole