Roopkund Trek in September & October

HERE UP! There are initially two ways of doing the Roopkund Trek. The first one you get summon is in the month of mid-June or July. Another call you get for the same is in the month of September and October. The most preferred one is the autumn one as one can enjoy the clear view of the trek throughout the trail.

Let’s get started with the total description…

It is considered one of the popular treks in the Indian Himalayas. Set a budget to experience an adventure in dense forests brooks, an inevitable sightseeing, wobble meadows and snow, ice which tastes like the great cotton everywhere as you reach the altitude of about 8,000ft to 16,000ft, in almost more than 5 days.

Forests described here are of Oak, they are found on the trail of Ghairoli Patal. This climb only lasts for 3-4 hours. You hear a bird’s chirping from the denseness of the surrounding, clearing the route out to the Mt Trishul. It is the highest peak you see on the horizon. On the way, you encounter Ali Bugyal and Bedni Bugyal which are magnificent meadows throughout the way. An add-on to the beauty of light, you can see the glittering range of Chaukhamba, a peak of Neelkantha, Kedarnath, and many other competitive peaks on the Roopkund trek. It seems to be challenging others whether who is better than whose!

It starts with the Lohajung, in about 10-11 hours you reach the destination from Kathgodam. Mt Nanda Ghunti greets you at Lohajung. The village has mind-blowing Didina valleys that attract the attention of many trail walkers. Drove from Lohajung to Wan, where you call out a trek to Ghairoli Patal.  There stand two trails on the way, they are:

one is ahead to the ridge and another one deviates to Latu Devta temple. Local people reside here and appeared to be very safe. It takes only 30-45 minutes to reach down the trail to Ranaka Dhar from Wan. The name of Ranaka Dhar is called out as the “Flowing Blood”. There is a short descent to the Neel Ganga which is located at its breathing space. One feels very windy as the wind blows through the Oak and Rhododendron forests. You observe amazing, eye-catching views of walnut, Himalayan rose and various type of floras and faunas in a way. This encourages you to take up the trail with full enthusiasm. As described, it is an outstanding site that feels the heart with total fulfilment. The way leads Ali Bugyal to Bedni Bugyal and then to Patar Nachauni.Bedni Bugyal to Patar-Nachauni:

This trek exposes you in the long range snow, a campsite area for the duration of 4 hours. This walk down makes you discover the outstanding scenery on the other side of the border.

There is outskirt of the Bedni Kund from the right while trekking from there you save 45 minutes which leaves you breathless throughout the expedition. To climb the Kalu Vinayak, the zigzag trails one has to reach Bhagwabhasa. Just as the name suggests, there an Idol of Ganesha(black Idol) finely shrined on the stone just as the trekkers finish climbing from Ghora Lotani. This trail from Kalu Vinayak to Bhagwabasa is very easy and sloppy. Bhagwasa stands tall at 2km distance. There you hear the roar of a bunch of snow welcoming you on the way. Bhagwabasa is a stone cluster which puts you up for enterprising the locals. The night turns put to be extremely cold of about (1 degree Celsius to -2 degree Celsius) by night.


This whole trek is considered to the moderate one for the new trekkers and the easy one for the frequent trekkers. It 5Kms gradually ascending walk to Roopkund. If one start from early morning 6:00 then one can reach by 9:30 around. A cusp mountain waits for the last checkpoint of the total journey. This is enlightened with snowy flanks around the mountain, 50ft down the lake. Roopkund Trekking is not more than roundabout 15,760ft trekking. Mystery resites by the researchers as in there it has a “Skeleton Lake”.

Last but not the least, People from trek must perform the last trek unless the weather does not break from hell, that trek is known as Junargali trek. There is a sharp ridgeline that towers above the head. The route is about bent upwards having a steep way to follow throughout. This makes you reach the face of the mountain. It longs for 20 minutes and 250ft. It is a risky operation to climb in such a sloppy region.

Taking the back troop and same way Roopkund trek ends. Come to the new beginning. It’s a new era for Adventure.