Is it safe to trek Bhrigu Lake in May?

Bhrigu Lake trek in May can be the easy-moderate trek for all the beginner trekkers. There are many people who do the Bhrigu Lake trek in winters but yeah, one can opt for that popular valley trek in May too.

Bhrigu Lake Scenario:


India is a country that has the Alpine meadows found in the Himalayan Range. This trek can be called for at least 2 to 3 days from the height. It is round about 12,000ft from the base of trekking. India is known for the three season country where people experiences all the season for the duration of the 2-3 months at a stretch. Now, in May you see the green meadows over Bhrigu Lake more attractive and mind soothing.

The scenario is resting under the cold winds and the green grass. The snow is still making their way through the open wilderness. There we meet at the basecamp at Manali.

Manali: The Base Camp

Manali is known as a famous hill station in Himachal Pradesh. The activities by the content passed on are Rope Course activities like Bamboo Bridge, sloth walk and crossing the Burma Bridge. The campfire night is the best night called out for.

In May, the Manali trek is more preferred for the people who suffer in the snow if they stay for a longer duration.

Manali to Rohlikholi:

From Manali to Gulaba, it is hardly an hour’s drive to reach Gulaba. There the Rohlikholi trek destination is very beautiful. The trek is for the longer duration of the 6 hours throughout. One can see the galaxy display in the night. Rohlikholi is the campsite for crossing the stream to get to Bhrigu Lake. There you find floras like oak trees, cedar and birch trees. These trees can only be found in the Himalayan range.

The ultimate beauty of Bhrigu Lake:


Bhrigu Lake is very popular for depicting the natural lake beauty at this 14000ft height. Panduropa is the place from where the leisure walks start and takes 5-6 hours to reach Bhrigu Lake.

The views caught in the May month are Pir Pinjal and Dhauladhar ranges. The peaks of the different Himalayan Mountains please us with ever-lasting panoramic beauty.

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