Sar Pass Trek for Beginners

Sar Pass Trek – A Perfect Trek for Beginners


Aahvan Adventures has always come across different kinds of adventure. This time Aahvan has come with the new trekking experience for beginners and it is Sar Pass Trek.

Ready to carry the travel from Ahmedabad to Delhi by Air and the trek with the team begins.

The real expedition begins from Kasol. It is the heart of the trek and anybody can opt for this amazing adventure.

The great ‘Kasol’ is the part of the Himachal Pradesh. Many of the youth turnovers their backpacks in this natural occurring place. The nature you feel is the fresh air with the wide range sceneries around opened for the season.

Accommodation & Food: People around are very typical in exploring the wide variety of accommodation and Food. The main part of the attraction is the continental food. The Chinese Cuisines are no less than attracting you with the pocket-friendly amount. After exploring this unique trekking placement, let us take a sweet walk to Grahan village.

Graham Village: Please do refer to the nineties; this place is the shadow of the trees. Trekking walks down from the forests. To your left is the nalah and to the centre is the Kasol. The rocky plateaus, descent gradient, harsh walk and clearing miles effortlessly is the main daydream.

The trees melt away to newborn babies of grasses and recording the slo-mo in your camera is really fun. The buras syrups, stalls of tea and vendors selling newness in their cup are really praiseworthy. As a refreshment drink, you can take Rhododendron petals mixed with water. The Grahan Village is situated to the top of the Hill. Literally, at heights, you need to opt for the network connection but they have satellite phones.

Move on to Mung Thach:

The Mung Thach is to the right of hitting the sun in an upward direction. Various types of woods attract you on the way. Sunlight carved out in the canopy between meadows and denseness of the forests is the real attraction. The slope is steeper and many ways are open for us, so one can get little confused at choosing the right direction. Follow the team leaders of Aahvan and you can only be lost in the woods rather than lost on a wrong way.

Nagaru is another place destined to be en route to Sar Pass Trek. A slope which is very steep has been passed and now you finally reach to the Nagaru campsite. The beauty you see is the standing tall mountains across the valley named Parvati. You are chilling through the cold, the campfire is heating you in the hands and folks turn out to be at the best site.

The expeditions to the Nagaru is over and now let us travel ahead to Biskheri Thach:

Oh sorry, the Himalayan Range trekking is considered to be the best trekking in the snow and you travel to the snow. So, next day stepping in the elevated peaks of the Tosh Valley is visible from the Biskheri Thach. The slide is more fun and the top view is really the architectural design coming to the eye. The snow glaciers coving the golden mountains is really a virtual reality facing you. The combination of the three is lacked at the top views and the sites. The slope takes you to the valley after walking for an hour from the Sar Pass Trek. Stay at night in the basecamp held at Biskheri Thach.

Team Aahvan promises fun at trekking. The food availability and the clothing and the health care are taken care of by many of the team members around.  

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