There’s one thing that we should learn and believe upon, and that is no amount of technology can replace human touch. We hire not only those who are highly qualified but the ones who have enough potential to put in their own ideas and share our philosophy that your business is our business. Every person on our staff is committed to providing you with the best possible customer service and memorable trips. Each and every team member of Aahvan is not just a staff but a part of “AAHVAN FAMILY”. This commitment is reflected in everything we do.


Jigar Parmar (Founder)

Being an avid traveller, adventure has always been my first love. The idea of transforming my passion into an adventure company was suggested by one of my close friend, who not only supported me but worked along on the idea. And hence I founded my Dream Venture “AAHVAN ADVENTURES” in the year 2011. Being the founder of the company, my sole aim has always been to provide high-quality service at affordable prices and make the adventure-fantasies come true. Adventure isn’t just about hanging around the mountains or having fun, it is also about exploring, communicating and understanding Mother Nature. We are busy building sky-scrapers and civilizing lives, we have taken nature for granted and have been just using it for our needs without giving anything back.  

We at “AAHVAN ADVENTURES” believe in not just exploring the nature but also securing it by giving our little share of time and effort towards it making it greener and cleaner. Our search for excellence we have learnt that only by truly listening to our clients can we hope to satisfy their requirements and our team of analysts will always welcome your feedback. 


Tarjani Anand (Business Development Manager)

“AAHVAN ADVENTURES” never stayed in a static state, improved itself in accordance with the changing conditions and requirements, and never felt exhausted to chase and present innovations. With the same vision, we will continue to be the face of development and innovation for our company today and in the future. Working with the mid and senior level management, marketing, and technical staff. Team Aahvan all together have put all the effort & dedication in making the services better and best. Adventure according to us is fulfilling the adventurous dreams of people, we don’t make trips we make memories which last for lifetime. We thank you for the trust you put upon us and promise to continue to work with all our strength to stay worthy to that trust. And provide the best of our services.


Varsha Rathod (Social Media Marketing Co-ordinator)

Joining “AAHVAN ADVENTURES” as a Social Media Marketing Co-ordinator has been one of the best decision of my career, while handling the tasks I have asked to, I get to improve my skills with the guidance of the team and management. While working on Social Media Marketing, every day I learn something new about Mother nature which makes me more aware and enthusiastic about my work. I always believe in doing something new and productive. While working in the marketing team I have built up the efficiency and dedication towards my profession and most significantly a boost of self-confidence which I believe will take me to the heights of success one day. The company provides me a friendly environment to work. Love to be a part of Aahvan Family always. Adventure according to me is something which makes you feel alive, happy, excited and makes you fight your fears and the experience something unique.


Team Aahvan Ground Force


Chain Singh Rana(Expedition Specialist/ Operations  Manager)


I am Basically from Osla, a village located in the Garhwal region of Himalayas. Professionally trained from Nehru Institute of mountaineering.  I have an experience of  15 years in this field. I have been working with “AAHVAN ADVENTURES” since a couple of years, and I really enjoy my work as I lead and guide the bike riders into the Land of Passes-Ladakh. My job is not just a job it is an adventure. Travelling has given me experiences for life. With an open mind, positive attitude and adventurous spirit, I have wandered off the beaten path and allowed my curiosities to be my own guidance. The passion for travelling has given me the confidence and experience which I pass on to the riders through guiding them about the routes, risks, attractions etc. I am thrilled to be a part of “AAHVAN ADVENTURES”.


Layak Ram(Expedition Specialist)


I belong to the place of Himalayas-Uttarakhand. I never knew that I would be in this profession as I always thought that Hiking is just my hobby but now it is my profession.  I grew up playing around the mountains so they have always been a part of my life. I am a hiking guide I guide the trekkers with the route and specific point details. Nature offers something different and beautiful every time I visit it. Hiking has taught me that life will throw challenges and hurdles at you at some or the other point and you have to cross it no matter what and no matter how. And also that tough routes and hurdles have a beautiful destination ahead to welcome us and make us forget all our tough times we had during the journey. Mountains have a really special place in my life as they have given me great experiences. I am glad that “AAHVAN ADVENTURES” has given me this opportunity to live my dreams.


Adesh Rana(Trek Guide)


I am basically from Sankri, the base-camp location of Har Ki dun Trek. I have been in this profession for around 8 years and working with ‘AAHVAN ADVENTURES’ is one of the best experiences ever. I guide the trekkers with proper routes, popular spots and nature. Every season in nature has something to offer, exploring nature and introducing it to the trekkers gives me immense pleasure. Trekking of course has a lot of dimension to it and involves detailed planning before you can actually be in the wild. Meeting different people with different cultures, trying different cuisines and exploring the Great Himalayas this is all I could ever wish for. And especially Himalayas have found a special place in my heart. Our team is always there to serve you with all our best services possible.


Amit Singh (Bike Expedition Specialist)


My home town is Seema, a village nearby Dehradun.  I am one of the trek guides from ‘Team Aahvan’.  Working with ‘Aahvan Adventures’ has made me realise that how one can make his/her interest his/her full time profession. Working under the guidance of other trek guides never made me felt inferior or anything lesser, the team has always been very much co-operative towards me and now I am one of the Trek Guides. I have gained a lot of confidence while working with the team. Team has always given me the opportunity to explore and learn on my own. I have also gained knowledge about new places, people, languages etc.  As I go higher on the mountains I go higher in my confidence and experience which helps me be a good trek guide. Aahvan has been a like a family to me. I together with my team will always look forward in serving you with all our dedication and hard work.


Vikas Singh (Bike Expedition Specialist)

My home town is Uttarakhand the abode of Gods. I believe Bike trip is exciting but it turns into an unforgettable adventure when you ride in the mountains with snow-clad peaks, live-streams and lush green valley around. Riding bike in hilly areas and zigzag roads isn’t similar as riding on regular roads. It is exciting and thrilling but also it is quite unsafe if you ride with no proper idea about the routes and weather conditions. That’s where you need guidance to experience an adventurous trip, and my job is to guide the riders with proper routes, weather conditions and attractions. I share my experiences with the riders who join us so they can use it as a reference while they ride and don’t face any kind of difficulties. I introduce them to the different culture, tradition, food, festivals people etc; which helps them take home some good memories and experience while returning, and that satisfies me and my profession when people really enjoy their trip. I look forward towards my job and would love to continue being a part of ‘Team Aahvan’.