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If you are trekking lover then you never want to miss these 10 treks in India for trekking in India. If it’s winter or summer or even in monsoon, there treks are best and marvelous for their own season. The list below of best 10 treks in India arranged as per their difficulty level and by the reviews of the hikers. Choose any trek from this list and you will be rewarded with an experience of life time. 

Here You Can Explore Top 10 Treks in India


#1 Chadar Trek 

The Chadar Frozen River Trek is your best bet. This trek covers a staggering 105 km one-way, with an average of 15-17 km per day. The winter snowfall closes most mountain passes and the ‘Chadar,’ meaning blanket refers to the frozen Zanskar river which becomes the only way for the residents near Zanskar to connect with the rest of the world.

Chadar (The Frozen River) Trek

At times, the temperature drops to -30 to -35 degree Celsius. Despite the freezing temperatures, the sun and the blue skies are up by 9:00 am and that’s when our daily stay begins. While most of the trekking will be done on the frozen river, chadar or the normal trail used by the people in Zanskar, sometimes we will climb icy rocks or trails.

#2 Everest Base Camp Trek

One of the most famous destinations in the world, Everest has allured us as kids when we learnt about it in Geography class and as adults.

Everest Base Camp Trek


While people trek here in all seasons, the ideal period to come here is between March to mid-May or September to mid-November. During winters, the weather is extremely cold and the snow can pose as a challenge. Also, lodges at higher altitudes might be closed due to the weather because of which it is important that you carry along camping equipments like tents and extra warm clothes for the freezing nights! In summers, it is a little wet and the snowy peaks are hidden behind clouds. Hence, April and May are proved to be the best times to trek here. The blossoming of trees and shrubs only adds colour to the pristine white beauty of this place. A post-monsoon trek provides cleaner dust-free views than pre-monsoon treks.

Before trekking in this area, it is compulsory to visit the ‘Trekker’s Information Management System’ (TIMS). Some areas, like the Khumbu region, only accept Nepalese currency.

This trek requires preparation and some of the key things you should be carrying are: Hiking boots, warm clothes, jackets, UV sun-block, soft and light shows (a.k.a Kung-fu shoes), water disinfecting drugs (found in Kathmandu) with which you can treat the water you fill in your water bottles from nearby streaks, lakes, and rivers.

#3 Roopkund Trek

If you are a person who likes mystery and adventure, the Roopkund trek is just the one for you! Since decade, Roopkund has been regarded with mystery as the enchanting landscape surrounding the kund is in stark contrast with a pile of several skeletal bones found there. An international team did uncover the mystery, revealing to us that those skeletal remains are of pilgrims from 850 AD, who faced an unusual severe hail storm which killed hundreds of them.

roopkund trek


The Roopkund trek takes you through the remote parts of Chamoli district in Garhwal and has adventure, beautiful landscapes and mystery, all waiting for you!

#4 Har ki dun Trek

Often recommended to beginners, Har Ki Duntrek traces the lush green valley of Har Ki Doon trek, at the base of the Fateh Parvat at an altitude of 3556 m in the Garhwal Himalayas.

Har ki dun snow Trek


If you want a trek that is adventurous, yet, moderate in terms of difficulty, combined with scenic views and wildlife, Har Ki Dunis the perfect trek for you. The trek starts from Sankri at 1950 m. It will walk you through pretty meadows lined with orchids, terraced fields and glaciers and the best of all – the panaromic mountain peaks forming the most beautiful background for all your pictures. You will find all the peace and quiet that you need as urban living hasn’t yet penetrated the lifestyle of the people here. The dense alpine forests are a habitat to many flora and fauna and this trek will be a paradise for nature lovers and bird watchers.

#5 Kedarkantha Trek

Situated in the lofty Garhwal Himalayas, the Kedarkantha trek peak offers a very accessible trek, anytime of the year. The trek takes you on a memorable journey starting with the Govind National Park which is a treasure house of flora and fauna such as leopards, bears, musk deers and many birds! The uniqueness of this trek lies in the way it mixes beautiful scenery with a challenging route. Days will be warm but nights are to watch out for as sub-zero temperatures are a common phenomenon. All the challenges aside, at an altitude of 3800m/12,500 feet, the trek promises a sweeping view from the peak. 

kedarkantha trek


#6 Stok Kangri Trek

One of the most thrilling treks of Ladakh, the Stok Kangri peak rests at 6,000 m. The trek is ideal for experienced and novice individuals. However, it does present a few challenges like thin air on high altitude. This is the reason why we reserve the first three days for acclimitisation. The route we choose is one of the shortest ones to the peak and at the summit, you will get sweeping views of the Ladakh range, the Zanskar range, the Indus valley and Leh city.

Stok Kangri Trek

#7 Valley of Flowers

A world heritage site and a popular site for botanists, mountaineers, archeologists, Valley of Flowers, looks like paradise. It seems as if the place is right out of a literary nature poem or a Bollywood film. Spread over 87.5 sq. km. at an altitude of 3250 m, Valley of Flowers trek is a part of the Nanda Devi biosphere and the national park in the interiors of the Garhwal Himalayas.

Valley Of Flowers trek

Various endemic varieties of alpine flowers and plants call the valley home and their beauty will leave the trekker speechless.

#8 Markha Valley

This trek is your chance to ascend the top of two of the highest passes in the Ladakh region – Gandala La and Kongmaru La at 4800 m and 5150 m, respectively. On top of this, you get to experience the cold semi-arid terrain of Ladakh as you pass through the Markha village.

 Markha Valley trek

The first two days of this trek will be for acclimitisation as it is necessary for a healthy and safe trek. In these two days, you can explore monasteries, museums, a fort, the Leh palace and the local market place!

#9 Hampta Pass Trek

The ideal trek for first timers, the Hampta Pass trek is an absolute treat for everyone who is looking for a Himalayan adventure! Online most treks which start from a remote village, the most accessible point for the Hampta trek is Manali, at an altitude of 14,100 feet. This trek has something for everyone – the adventurous first timers and the seasoned hikers.

Humpta Pass Trek

Though the Humpta pass isn’t a breeze,it poses fewer challenges than most other treks. Its appeal lies in the fact that it connects the picturesque valleys of Kullu and Lahual alongwith providing amazing landscapes and natural foliage to the trekker. The flora and fauna is also seen in abundance – such as the rare Himalayan birds.

This trek doesn’t cross the pass and head over to the Lahaul region as the road connecting Lahaul to Manali is under heavy snow, early in the season. Instead, we return from Manali. This trek is possible in the months of May and early June also, unlike the usual Humpta pass route, which only opens up in late June.

#10 Dayara Bugyal Trek

Dayara Bugyal trek surrounded by Bhagirathi peaks, Bandarpoonch, Black peak and many other peaks also has clear water streams flowing across it. Along with its twin, Gidara Bugyal, Dayara bugyal is one of the best alpine meadows of India which stretches from one snowy mountain peak to another. Every season, these meadows have different scenery to offer.

Dayara bugyal trek


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